We specialize in providing inspirational services

for people of all faiths and the unchurched.


Mission – Create a community of believers that honor and respect all faiths that “Love God and Love thy neighbor as self.” Help build a stronger community through conflict resolution by opening hearts and minds to One God, One Power and One People.

Vision – Promote unity among people of all religious denominations by sharing and demonstrating the principles taught by Jesus and The Prophets that are common to all faiths. Encourage people to live the authentic life God created them to experience.


What we believe:
• There is only One God that man has given many names
• Freedom of the individual to seek God at the level of their understanding
• The principles taught and demonstrated by Jesus are universal
• Your religion is how you live, not what you call yourself
• A Metaphysical understanding of scripture will enhance its application in daily life
• Unconditional love is the work for which all else is preparation

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